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Octopress and Lion

I just bought a few weeks ago a new MacBook Pro and I love it. So now it was time to setup my computer to use rvm and Octopress. So I logged into the Mac App store and downloaded the newest version of Xcode and installed it. I then went to the Octopress webstite and followed the directions on setting up RVM.

I ran into several errors about make and gcc-4.2. So after searching around the internet I found some help. It appears that after version 4.1, Ruby and xcode do not play nice. So I downgraded my version of Xcode and had to install a patch for gcc . Lastly you will want to add the following to your bash_profile or your zshrc:

<div class="highlight">
        <td class="gutter">
          <pre class="line-numbers">
            <span class="line-number">1</span>
        <td class="code">
            <code class="bash">
              <span class="line">
                <span class="nb">export</span>
                <span class="nv">CC</span>
                <span class="o">=</span>



Now, just restart your terminal app and then go ahead and follow the Octopress site to finish setting it up.